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Rhys "Dyson" Brown

Hey, my names Rhys, and I’m an 18-year-old Graphic and Web Designer in Brisbane Australia. I have been practicing web design for two years now, and starting to learn about it in my Bachelor of Design course at QUT.

Someday I hope to be able to eat (and photograph) my way through America and New Zealand. I want to create fresh, clean and precise designs, and hope to help you with all your digital needs.

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Studying: Bachelor of Design (Honours)
University: QUT
Expertise: Websites • Graphics • Photography


The idea of learning web design led me to begin learning Photoshop, to make my own icons and buttons. It quickly became a passion and hobby of mine, learning how to code and create from scratch.

Learning HTML is a very hard task, and currently I'm completing a Web Design unit at University. I make all my websites from scratch, and am currently investing a lot of my time learning Bootstrap, which allows quick, crisp websites that adapt to different screen sizes and devices, such as this one.

Need a Website?

Contact me today to ask about your website needs. I can help you design; write and gather content for the website, build it, and upload it to your domain. I can even update your current website or help you find an affordable web host, which is great for small businesses or individuals to get started on the web.


/Graphic Design

Perhaps you just need some custom icons, a logo, or update your existing ones? I can help you with all your project need, from editing your photos to designing graphics to fit your needs.

I can design documentation, magazines, templates, social media icons, profile pictures, banners, advertisements, fliers, business cards and more.


Photoshop • Photoshop • Illustrator






Photography is a beautiful way to capture memories and express stories and emotions. However, it's not as simple as pointing a camera and capturing the moment. Photography can be considered an art form, and depending on the cameras settings and the editing afterwards, a photo can almost tell a completely different story.

I only began photography this year, when I purchased my first camera (A Nikon D3300). So far, I have been perfecting the use of manual settings and my stock lens, but I aim to get some new lenses for new kinds of photography in the near future. I look forward to practicing macro and telephoto photography.

Need Some Photography?

When it comes to photography, I only operate locally, in the Moreton Bay region, but I would be more than happy to help you with your photograph needs. I would be more than happy to be commissioned to photograph textures and backgrounds for you to use in your websites and other media.